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 Whether you’re looking for loft insulation, cavity wall insulation or any other insulation based products, you’ve come to the right place. At Insulation Giant, we have a wide range of insulation available, from leading brands such as Knauf Insulation and Kingspan, amongst others. We also stock a range of insulation accessories and PPE. Shop online today.

Pitched Roof Insulation.jpg

 Pitched Roof Insulation is intended to keep the loft warm and is common when converting into a room. The insulation fits between rafters in the pitch of the roof and prevents loss of heat from inside the loft.

Loft insulation.jpg

Loft Insulation is intended to prevent heat transfer from the house into the roof. Its layered between the joists and provides a barrier which eliminates loss of heat from the building.


 Natural & Sustainable Insulation is a unique range of various insulation solutions made from Natural or recycled materials. They offer uncomparable insulating properties and offer a sustainable method of insulating a room, loft, or wall.

Internal Wall insulation.jpg

Internal Wall Insulation is a partitioning wall in a building used to separate rooms. The intended use of the insulation in these walls is to minimise sound travel and give some thermal insulating performance.


 Cavity Wall iInsulation is intended to reduce loss of heat through a cavity wall by filling the air space with insulation. The insulation inhibits heat transfer and immobilises the air within the cavity.

Multi Purpose Insulation.jpg

Multi Purpose Insulation is a unique range of products that can be used in various applications. The range varies from rolls, to slabs & studs and are great for any new build or refurbishment project.

Solid Floor Insulation.jpg

 Solid Floor Insulation is for solid floors such as concrete and screed, this is done by placing a rigid insulation board on top of the solid flooring usually followed by chipboard. Offering a more comprehsive insulation solution.

Suspended Floor Insulation.jpg

 Suspended Floor Insulation is intended for use with floorboards that are placed above joists usually found on the first floor of a building. This can be achieved by layering mineral wool between the joists primarily used to reduce sound travel between floors.


Our insulation accessories range offers an ever growing range of tools and equipment suitable for any project work, whether its; Insulating a loft, building a partition wall or decorating a room. All your accessory needs are met here.