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Fire Protection

Compartmentation Reduces the Spread of Fire

To stop fire and smoke spreading fast through roof and ceiling voids, use compartmentation to break up the space. Install fire curtains or barriers over wall and ceiling surfaces.

Maintaining a Safe Means of Escape

Use compartmentation and structural protection to create a safe means of escape for occupants and access for fire-fighting personnel. Passive fire-protection methods such as insulation will slow or hinder the progression of a fire.


So What Fire protection is needed for each application?


As building regulations changes, we have seen a change in attitudes towards door fire protection. As a result the only requirement is to ensure that each door is at least resistant to fire for 30 minutes. The only two essential areas which require 1 hour fire resistance are any garage doors and third storey loft conversion doors.

Loft Conversions

Loft conversions are a little more difficult to ensure fire protection is maintained, due to the fact it sits on the upper most floor of the house and usually only contains one entrance & exit, meaning no practical escape in the event of a fire occuring. Areas to look at fire protecting when considering a loft conversion are; staircase 30 minute fire protection, ceiling fireproof upgrade for rooms below loft, stairwell wall Insulation upgrade. In order to maintain safety in a habitable loft conversion these steps must be taken.


Egress Windows

Since 2002 it has been a legal requirement to have an escape window in all rooms that are habitable above ground floor. In Part B they are very specific around what is regarded as an Egress window;

•  Must have an openable area of not less than 0.33m2

•  Neither the length or width of the window can be less than 450mm

•  The opening needs to be less than 1,100mm off the floor

•  With a sloping roof, the distance between cill and eaves should be no more than 1,700mm


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