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Floor Insulation 

There are two main types of floor insulation; Solid floor insulation & Suspended Floor Insulation. In this section we will go over the differences in the two and the suitable products that enable you to be more energy efficient.


Solid Floor Insulation

Solid floor insulation comes in two types;

•  Above-the-concrete slab: The most common solution is suitable for use with underfloor heating system

•  Below-the-concrete slab: Often specified for commercial applications with a heavy flow or footfall or                                                                machinery

Insulation used in above the concrete slab this will mean that the room in which this is present will heat up far quicker than without, however it does also mean that the room will cool down a lot quicker when heating is not present. When considering insulation above the concrete slab it is important to choose an insulation type that is suitable for your floor level - In this area PIR is more commonly used as it can achieve far greater performance with less depth.


Insulation used below the concrete slab is usually far better, as the concrete helps absorb the heat and limits the possibility of overheating. The insulation is placed down first, with concrete then poured on top, finally the flooring is then placed ontop of the concrete when set.


There are a few different products that can be used when considering insulation for solid floor;

•  Celotex PIR boards - These can be placed either under or above the concrete 

•  Stone Mineral Wool - This can be either Rockwool or Knauf and comes with benefits of high                                                                      compressive and point load resistance.


Suspended Floor Insulation

Suspended floor insulation comes in two different types:

•  Over suspended concrete beams : Frequently used in new-build and residential dwellings

•  Over suspended timber beams : Can be constructed to Robust Details


 So how much can insulating your floor save you?

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For instructional videos on some of the products you can use to install floor isnualtion, visit our Video Library 

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