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Internal, Partition and Seperating Wall 

Partition walls separate or divide rooms. Since they’re rarely load-bearing, they’re mostly built from timber studwork or a metal framing system. In situations like this, the acoustics make a huge difference to the experience of room occupants. The less airborne or impact sound that passes between rooms, the better. For more information on the importance of resistance to sound, visit part E of the Building regualtions.

What is Internal Wall Insualtion?

A method of upgrading the thermal performance of an existing building by installing insulation to the internal surface of external walls.

The benefits of IWI are: 
• No planning permission required 
• The external appearance of the building is maintained so it can be installed in conservation areas
• It can be installed on a room-by-room, single facade or whole house basis 
• Installation is not delayed by poor weather conditions

Visit Part L of the Building Regulations for more information on Thermal performance.


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For instructional videos on some of the products you can use for internal wall insulation, visit our Video Library 

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