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Pitched Roof Insulation

What do I need to create a habitable loft space?

Warm Roof Loft Insulation is a perfect way to extend your homes living space. A Warm roof is where you not only insulate the ceiling joists in the loft but when you insulate the pitches of your roof, this traps the heat into the loft and makes it habitable. You do, however, need to pick the correct insulation to fit between the rafters. We would recommend using the following products;

               •  TLX Multifoil - Stapled to the rafters of the roof and to be used in conjunction with secondary                                                         thermal insulation to find out more check out our installation video here

               •  Thermal laminate - PIR (Polyisocyanurate) board attached to 12.5mm of plasterboard. This                                       would be applied after fibreglass and creates a perfect habitable room.

               •  Mineral Fibre Insulation - Easy friction fit slabs intended to be used between rafters in the roof,                                 while giving excellent acoustic and thermal performance

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For instructional videos on some of the products you can usefor Pitched Roof insulation, visit our Video Library 

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