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Partition walls are purpose built walls for separating rooms on a floor - they are a perfect way to make the most out of your floor space in a building. These walls are fairly easy to construct, lightweight & thin meaning less space is wasted. Generally made from; timber, steel or bricks its purpose can enhance acoustic absorption & reduce thermal bridging. 


Insulating Partition Walls

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Partition Wall Set up




Prior to installation it's important to ensure you are installing in a clean, dry environment that is well ventilated. We strongly advise that you use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) listed above.


Partition Roll Step 1

Step 1

Ensure the packaging is intact and the roll is not wet or damaged when unwrapping.
Partition Wall | Step 2

Step 2

Lay down the partition roll in preparation to cut to the correct size.


Partition Wall | Step 4

Step 3

Next the APR needs to be cut to size, to do this we recommend using a straight edge & sharp knife.

Top Tip: Remember to leave some extra roll on all edges to avoid gaps during installation.

Partition Wall | Step 4

Step 4

Once its cut to size, roll out vertically and align with the timber or steel frame.
Partition Wall | Step 6

Step 5

Ensure the partition roll fully fits into the grooves of the steel or timber frame used. This helps when securing the roll. 
Partition Wall | Step 6

Step 6

Using a section of steel angle, trap the APR into the edges of the frame - screw into place to ensure the insulation remains in tact.
Partition Wall | Step 7

Step 7

Repeat steps 3 to 6 ensuring each inner section of the steel frame is sufficiently covered with APR.
Partition Wall | Step 9

Step 8

Finally, to finish the installation process, ensure there are no gaps - Any that are present need to be filled in order to maintain consistent performance.


Why not watch the video below to give you additional help & ensure you get the quality finish you want.


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