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How to insulate an internal wall 


Did you know?


Internal wall Insulation is perfect for those not able to insulate external walls - and is generally cheaper. There are two different methods to insulating your home internally, this can be done either by a stud wall or rigid insulation boards. 

You can either download or print our handy how to guide here.

What you'll need

In order to complete this how to guide, you're going to need the following product:

Celotex Thermal Laminate Board PL4000

Plasterboard Drywall Adhesive

Nailable Plug (size varies)

Joint filler 12.5kg

Joint tape 50mm

Finishing Plaster 25kg

Primer 10L


We suggest that you use the following accessories & safety equipment when undertaking this job:

Plaster Adhesive Mixing Paddle

Spirit Level

Measuring Tape 8m

Trowel Finishing

Plastering Float

Protective Gloves


Combi Drill

Drywall Hammer

Jointing Knife 250mm



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