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 How to fit Marmox Multiboard

Marmox Multiboard.png

Marmox Multiboard.png

Did you Know?

Marmox Multiboard can be used for many applications. Its premium quality, reinforced structure means it can be used for waterproofing walls, floors & Ceilings while giving additional insulating properties. Multiboard comes in a range of sizes from 6mm-50mm, with thinner sizes being ideal for floors before tiling and the thicker sizes being more suited for wall insulation. Additionally the multi-board can be used for rigid boarding in partitions, wet rooms, loft conversions and performs as a great underlay for heated mats increasing overall efficiency.


What you'll need

In order to complete this how to guide, you're going to need the following product:

Marmox Multiboard

Marmox Waterproof Tape

Marmox Washers

Marmox Reinforcing Tape



We suggest that you use the following accessories & safety equipment when undertaking this job:

4Trade Safety Glasses

4 Trade Respirator Mask

4Trade Super Grip Safety Gloves

4Trade Cotton Dustsheet

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