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 How to insulate a pipe


Did you Know?

Pipe insulation will help you save energy and could save you money in the long run. This step by step guide will show you how to complete this installation, making it as easy as possible to follow step by step. In this guide you will also find; useful tips, suggested equipment to use and explanations at every step of the way to help you install the perfect drywall. Installing plasterboard in your home has never been so easy.

You can either download or print our handy how to guide here.


What you'll need

In order to complete this how to guide, you're going to need the following product:

Kingspan Heating and Ventilation Pipe Insulation 15mm Wall Thickness

4Trade Insulation Foil Tape

Holdon Rapsaw Jab Saw Nylon Sheath 6in



We suggest that you use the following accessories & safety equipment when undertaking this job:

4Trade Safety Glasses

4 Trade Respirator Mask

4Trade Super Grip Safety Gloves

Holdon Tape Measure 8m

Pencil/ Marker

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