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TLX-Pitched roof insulation.jpg

TLX-Pitched roof insulation.jpg

Did you Know?

TLX Silver is a fully-registered multi-foil insulation material ready to use in a variety of roof and wall surface applications. TLX is a thin, flexible but tough material and can be used in-between rafters to create; a room in the loft or general storage space. The tough multi-foil has been designed and made to reflect heat and air but create a perfect insulation solution creating a complete new warm space within your home.


Insulating Pitched Roof


TLX PDF  You can print and download this how to guide here

TLX Silver Step 1




Prior to installation it’s important to ensure you are installing in a clean, dry environment that is well ventilated. We strongly advise that you use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) listed above.  

Step 1

Simply open the top of the bag and roll out the TLX Silver onto an even surface ready for cutting into shape.


Top Tip: Each bag is fitted with a installation instruction booklet explaining further details.

Step 2

Before installing TLX Silver, you will need to install a suitable insulation between the rafters. This will help create your U-value.


Top Tip: Celotex Insulation is our recommended option, please ensure the board meets your project requirements.

Step 3

Measure the surface area and cut the TLX Silver to your specific measurements ensuring it covers the area sufficiently.


Top Tip: Use a stanley knife to cut the multifoil and remember to allow extra TLX to ensure the area is covered.


Step 4

Once it is cut to size, roll out the TLX Silver multifoil and place under the rafter ensuring it sits in place correctly. 

Step 5

Secure the TLX Silver multifoil to the rafters using staples.

Step 6

Please ensure that a gap is left between the TLX Silver and the secondary insulation.

Step 7

When conjoining two parts of TLX Silver, ensure that one TLX is overlapped by the other by at least 50mm.


Top Tip: Remember to account for the overlap prior to cutting TLX Silver to size.  

Step 8

Tape over any overlap using a standard foil tape to give an air tight seal and ensure thermal efficiency is achieved.


Top Tip: 4Trade insulation foil tape is recommended.

Step 9

Secure the TLX Silver in with cross battens using a nail gun or hammer. Space the cross battens either 400mm or 600mm.


Top Tip: Its recommended to use at least 38mm deep battens.

TLX Silver Installation Step 10

Step 10

Lastly, fit plasterboard to make the loft a habitable area. (optional)


Top Tip: Knauf Plasterboard is recommended for its strong, versatile, value for money properties.


Why not watch the video below to give you additional help & ensure you get the quality and finish you want.



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