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Price Changes

From time to time suppliers increase their prices based on a number of rising production costs. Where we can, we avoid passing this on to our customers in order to give you the best possible price. Unfortunately, there are times where the price increase is inevitable. Where this is the case, please see below for the latest prices increases and their expected dates.

Brand Price increase (%) Effective Date
Davant 7.5 % 1st January 2018
Eden Renewables Innovations 5.5% 6th January 2018
Isover 7.5% 1st February 2018
Visqueen 2.5 - 8% 1st February 2018
Rockwool 3 - 7.5% 1st March 2018
Knauf Insulation 8.7% 1st March 2018


Brand Price increase (%) Effective Date
Armstrong  5 - 6% 1st January 2018
Rockfon 4% 1st February 2018
Sektor 3.5% 1st February 2018



Brand Price increase (%) Effective Date
Promat 3 - 10%1st January 2018
British Gypsum  10 - 18% 1st January 2018
Knauf Drywall 3% 1st January 2018
Tradeline 6 - 10% 1st January 2018


  *Please note - These price increases may change before the date quoted above, without prior notice. The above price increases are pre arranged increases from suppliers, and may be subject to further increases. Where possible we advise our customers to place orders in advance to secure the price on screen.


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